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We need your participation!!!

The SCRTAC meets at 8:30AM on the 3rd Tuesday of every EVEN month.

Join us at the UW Medical Foundation Building, Room 116, 7974 UW Health Ct, Middleton, WI


Multi-Victim Trauma Bag


Next General Membership Meeting:

October 18 , 8:30 AM , UW Health Bldg, 7974 UW Health Court, Middleton, WI, Room 116


Next Executive Council Meeting:

August 23 , 10AM, via teleconference

(email for call-in instructions)


Meeting dates: 3rd Tuesday of every EVEN month

Meeting time: 8:30 AM

Meeting location: UW Medical Foundation Building, Rm 116, 7974 UW Health Court, Middleton, WI


The South Central Regional Trauma Advisory Council (SCRTAC) is dedicated to designing, implementing, and evaluating a regional trauma system that is data-based, confidential, and sensitive to the needs, limitations, and resources of the area. It is intended that this will optimize the quality of care and outcomes including injury prevention, reducing the severity of injuries, and decreasing the number of deaths.

Membership in the RTAC is free and consists of individuals, organizations and entities involved in the provision of patient care within the trauma region. Examples include but are not limited to: trauma surgeons, emergency physicians, EMS medical directors, EMS educators, EMS providers, Trauma coordinators, EMS coordinators, hospital administration, air medical transport, nurses, firefighters, law enforcement, dispatchers, public health, county emergency management, and other interested parties.

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